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Which ESET security solution should I install on a server?

2009-1-17 Nod32 technical documentation 10Commentary 0Trackback

We recommend ESET NOD32 Antivirus for use on a network server. ESET Smart Security offers a Personal firewall in addition to antivirus protection, designed to prevent unsolicited communication from remote computers. While this is one of the benefits ESET Smart Security offers to home users, it can be a detriment in a business environment, in which computers on a network regularly attempt to communicate remotely with a server. ESET strongly discourages installations of ESET Smart Security on servers (and ESET Customer Care North America does not support such installations) because the ESET Personal firewall can block connections to the server, even those by an administrator seeking to modify the server after the installation.

ESET Smart Security is appropriate for business users in the following scenarios:

  • Remote clients (laptop users or remote desktop users) that connect to other networks

  • Small businesses with several clients that are not connected over a network

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