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Upgrading server usage

2007-12-8 Nod32 technical documentation 124Commentary 0Trackback
Every day I will provide the latest nod32 escalation id.

But sometimes, nod32 official will soon be shielding these id, so we provided a nod32 upgrade servers.
If you check the nod32 id not available, you can try to use nod32 upgrade servers

here is about nod32 servers use

The new nod32 upgrade servers :
  • ian  评论  2008-1-21 16:25:21
  • it works on NOD32 3.0?
    kjljvdsv 于 2008-1-21 16:25:21 回复
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  • BrNoMen  评论  2007-12-24 0:16:13
  • Hey please somone answer...
    Does it work to nod32 v3.0xx
    ?? please someone...
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  • Shadowm  评论  2007-12-24 16:12:14
  • Nope. I mean you can't download anything but when you set this server nod32 3 will be "green", there will be no warnings. Aynway you still need to use different escalation ID's and use normal servers to download updates.

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  • mvboy  评论  2008-4-11 22:34:39
  • Thank you very much!I need you! ---From xinjiang of China.
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  • 会用了  评论  2009-5-7 14:22:12
  • 现在下载快多了
    lazerepilasyon replyed at 2009-5-7 14:22:12
    May damage health in terms of lazer epilasyon?
    No. Because the laser non-iyonize (non iyonize) is energy. This mutation affects cells is not display. Lazer epilasyon only make use of all laser types foliküllerini ( targets.
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  • sklochkov  评论  2009-10-14 3:40:46
  • Спасибо из и от России
    StaS replyed at 2009-10-14 3:40:46
    Привет, земляк! А у меня что-то не обновляется 3-я версия.
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  • Sergey  评论  2008-8-21 3:16:34
  • Thank you very much!
    From Russia with great respect.
    You are the great hero of present days.
    sokolNT replyed at 2008-8-21 3:16:34
    +1 from all
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  • Missa  评论  2008-7-8 18:40:50
  • I've been useing the intel found on this site since day one and the only thing I can say is: NOD32 is the best and you buddy are the best for hosting the best cheritable site on the WWW.

    Many Thanks!!!
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  • 123321  评论  2008-8-12 13:41:07
  • Не ХУЯ не работает ваш сервак !!!
    user replyed at 2008-8-12 13:41:07
    Если руки из жопы растут, нехуй пиздеть!!!
    Люди всему миру помогают!

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  • voronin  评论  2008-8-19 8:08:47
  • thanks from Moldavian Republic
    малацы верной дорогой идети товарисчи
    BeTeP replyed at 2008-8-19 8:08:47
    да да! спасибо и от Молдовы!
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  • arshat  评论  2008-9-23 23:31:59
  • I mean you can't download anything but when you set this server nod32 3 will be "green", there will be no warnings. Aynway you still need to use different escalation ID's and use normal servers to download updates.

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  • besiki  评论  2008-10-17 7:01:16
  • виhesi ибут мазги sos! памагите ребиата! грузиа. Хоби WhatAfter_boomAngryEffortStopCryWhat
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  • Zairzx  评论  2008-11-1 16:16:02
  • Thanks from Kazahstan!!!
    Thanks from Kazahstan!!!
    Thanks from Kazahstan!!!

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  • mahadeva  评论  2009-4-18 0:03:17
  • ขอบคุณครับ
    Big Thanks! From Thailand
    mmm replyed at 2009-3-7 5:45:09
    azat replyed at 2009-4-18 0:03:17
    помогите пожалуста с ключами nod32
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  • Darkmen  评论  2009-3-31 22:01:00
  • Thanks from GERMANY and TURKIYE (Turkey)
    Thanks from germany and Türkiye (turkey)
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  • figaro  评论  2009-4-25 3:38:24
  • the biggest thank you from Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Огромное спасибо из России!!! Так держать товарищи! Боремся за правое дело)))))))GO!GO!GO!OLE!OLE!OLE!!!!!!))))))))
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  • Morgan  评论  2009-5-27 14:05:23
  • Thanks from Atyrau, Kazakhstan
    Рахмет. Оте жаксы сервер.
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  • Sumeet  评论  2009-6-22 18:25:24
  • Hi need a update server for Eset Nod32 v4.0 & 2.0

    Go to
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  • Epilasyon  评论  2009-6-23 16:42:51
  • Thank you very much for this upgrade 32 service.Most people need this.By the way,someone above talked about epilation laser.Look at the subject at:
    I 'm sure you would find all information regarding to laser.
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  • Rain  评论  2009-6-23 17:57:42
  • I don't know who reads this. But if there is someone working for this site...PLEASE...

    Can you help the protesters in Iran. They are fast losing available proxy servers. If there is a way to set up an underground website where server info can be disseminated among them in Tehran that would really help them let the world know what is happening. I will not give out any info on who to contact other than to tell you to check Twitter.
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  • Znack  评论  2009-7-6 1:45:33
  • Мне понравилось, спасибо за всё,но не остепеняйтесь на этом, давайте им по мозгам =)
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  • mahia  评论  2009-7-8 5:44:50
  • Thanks a lot. From IRAN
    I live in Iran.
    Every body in the world should know that Maybe we have many problems but we can solve our problems together and we don't need your helps.
    ما را به خیر تو امید نیست ...شر مرسان
    ma ra be kheire to omid nist ... shar maresan
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  • tyumen  评论  2009-7-8 10:48:51
  • Спасибо за ключики!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ОГРОМНОЕ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Чтоб реже банили ключики, для тех кто не знает, уберите галочку в настройках "Система своевременного обнаружения" в единственном там пункте: "Включить систему быстрого оповещения ThreatSense.Сеть".Плизззз!!!!!
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  • MurtajiZ  评论  2009-8-10 14:38:30
  • Thanks for it.. But it is not working on my version of Eset Nod32 v306420. Any suggestion ?
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  • MurtajiZ  评论  2009-8-10 14:39:42
  • Thanks for it. But it is not working on my version of Eset Nod32 v3.0.642.0. Any suggestion ?
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  • Milad  评论  2009-8-21 19:30:29
  • thanks for it.this eset nod32 v4 the very best from eset nod32 v3.0.642.0.
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  • STRATEG  评论  2009-9-5 10:54:39
  • Всем кто поддерживает сайт спасибо!
    Чита, 2009
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  • STRATEG  评论  2009-9-5 10:55:57
  • Всем кто поддерживает проект спасибо!
    Чита, 2009
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  • jadvr6  评论  2009-9-9 3:16:56
  • im using eset smart security 4 and the signature is updated but it keeps on giving me the following message why?
    you r using ur eset nod 32 antivirus licensing credential with eset smart security this trial version has expired...
    how od i upgrade it?
    any answer please
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  • Riocass  评论  2009-9-15 0:38:19
  • Gracias, esta es una pagina de grandisima ayuda !!!

    Gracias desde Guatelinda !!!
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  • Nikola  评论  2009-9-18 21:54:55
  • Спасибо от за ключи от Беларуси/Belarus
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  • ukr  评论  2009-9-30 4:06:30
  • [img][/img]
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  • ukr  评论  2009-9-30 4:07:53
  • 8-D [img][/img]
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  • StaS  评论  2009-10-14 4:02:05
  • From Russia.
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