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How do I use ESET Remote Administrator to disable notifications about Windows updates?

2009-4-14 Nod32 technical documentation 4Commentary 0Trackback

When Windows updates are missing, ESET Smart Security and/or ESET NOD32 Antivirus display notifications requesting the updates. You can use ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) to suppress these notifications on client computers that report to the ERA server. To create a configuration that suppresses these notifications and push that configuration out to client computers, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the ESET Remote Administrator Console (ERAC) by clicking Start → All Programs → ESET → ESET Remote Administrator Console.

  2. Click Tools → ESET Configuration Editor.

  3. In the ESET Configuration Editor menu on the left, click ESET Smart Security, ESET NOD32 Antivirus → ESET Kernel → Setup → Advanced → Notify about missing OS updates from level: Critical updates.

    Fig. 1-1

  4. Select No updates from the Value drop-down menu in the Setup area on the right. Click File → Save to save the configuration as a .xml file. Close the ESET Configuration Editor.

    Fig. 1-2

  5. In the ERA Console, click File → New Task....

  6. In the New Task window, select Configuration. Click OK.

  7. In the Configuration for Clients window, click the Select button and navigate to the .xml configuration file you created in the steps above. Click Next.

    Fig. 1-3

  8. Apply the .xml configuration file to the clients you want by dragging and dropping each client into the Selected items column. Click Next.

    Fig. 1-4

  9. A summary window will display the task type and list of clients to which it will be applied. In this window, you can set a time to apply the task, give the task a name and describe the task. Click Finish to complete the task setup and apply the configuration to client computers that report to the ERA server.

  • Cheerokee  评论  2009-4-14 2:39:28
  • Hello, a question...
    these you ID they work forever or is it necessary to be they changing???
    it is since my doubt I am new in this antivirus and they recommended me this it paginates for the you ID that he/she requests in the upgrades.

    Thank you!!!
    An replyed at 2009-4-14 2:39:28
    You must change it when the program ask you
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  • saviours  评论  2009-4-14 14:39:38
  • Hy there

    i want username and password to update eset smart nod32 3.0.667.0 anybody help me

    Thanks before
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  • Kate  评论  2009-4-14 23:30:46
  • Username: EAV-13789603
    Password: bx36psuk6m

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